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39 Fansubs

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A fansub community for J-FRIENDS media

About 39 Fansubs
This community features English fansubs of media from KinKi Kids, TOKIO and V6 (J-FRIENDS). The name is from the pun that was used for the tenth anniversary album of KinKi Kids which was named "39" or "sankyuu" (Thank you).

Feel free to join if you'd like. The rules are as follows:

1. Streaming to websites such as YouTube, Megavideo or Crunchyroll is not allowed.
2. Redistribution is not encouraged. It's not hard to link someone to the community since very few of our posts are locked.
3. These are free fansubs and not for sale nor auction.
The 39 Fansubs Team

Acidae -> Translation/QC
Fukanou -> Translation
Dance -> Translation
Yinghung -> Translation
Lullabyeforyou -> Translation/Encoding
Eminik -> Timing/Typesetting/Translation
Saragorn -> Timing/Typesetting/Karaoke

After a long break, it's good to be back and there have been some changes implemented. If you are interested in helping out 39 whether it be through timing, translating, or providing media to be subbed, please send a private message to Lullabyeforyou.
resplandor: premade layout
raziel_gauin: layout header
Reizou: 'Anniversary' translation on header
Kazuki: logo
Kumicho: default icon, user info header
Pandapi|raziel_gauin: banners
boys_paper: graphics

Media will be credited as used, if applicable.
Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide